Recurrence & Condition Filters

  1. Recurrence Filter You can use recurrence filter to set quest frequency so that users can particpate a qust in a cyclic manner. Select amongst "Once", "Daily","Weekly" and "Monthly". The reset timing for each frequency are as follows:

  • Once-Not applicable

  • Daily- 00:00am UTC, Every day

  • Weekly - 00:00am UTC, Monday of every week.

  • Monthly - 00:00am UTC, 1st of every Month

The frequency will be shown on the quest "block" on MVB main page.

The quest will be locked and unlocked based on its frequency and a purple "Locker" icon will pop up to notify the users that the quest is currently locked.

Note: If a quest's frequency is set as "Once", this quest will be permanently "locked" after users have completed it. A "DONE" icon will pop up.

The "Success" information shown on the quest "block" refers to the total times a user has completed this quest.

  1. Condition Filter You can use condition filter to limit users to enter certain quest until they fullfil the requirements set by the community. Flip toggle swith to activate the condition filter. You can selcet either "Complete Quest Below" or "XP ≥".

  • Complete Quest Below Users need to complete another quest first before they are allowed to enter the current quest. Select a quest you previously created from the "Quest" dropdown list.

  • XP ≥

    Users need to accumulate a min. amount of "XP" set by the community as entry criteria for current quest. Key in the amount of "XP" in "Entry" text box.

If a quest is assigned with a conditon filter, it will be locked with a grey " Locker" icon popping up and will be unlocked after users fulfil the entry criteria. This entry criteria is indicated on quest "block" on MVB main page.

After you complete the above steps, click "Launch" button to add the quest to MVB main page.

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