👨‍💼 Trantor for Businesses

A note to Developers, Communities, Projects and DAOs.

🚀 Launch Web3 Communities with us

Are you looking to launch your own NFT project and community?

At Trantor, we believe that anyone should be able to launch their own Web3 NFT projects, even if they are not a developer. Hence, we will provide a set of tools and support to help users develop smart contracts and launch these projects through our platform. Additionally, we’ll continue to support your project(s) through marketing and branding to drive user adoption.

📈 Gain User Adoption through Campaign Engagements

Looking to engage your community while developing your next best feature? Be sure to use our suite of tools to customize and run campaigns and develop quest activities to keep your users engaged with your project while awaiting your next set of features. We believe that frequent running of such campaigns can help to build loyalty and trust among community members as they continue to support the project.

With our suite of tools, you’ll be able to decide on the task that users will have to complete and the Soulbound and/or NFT rewards they would receive upon completion, further rewarding the loyal members of your community.

🌱 Leverage on a Growing Ecosystem

We know how tough it is for projects to acquire new users on their platform. And hence, what better way to leverage on our ecosystem of users and partners to promote your project to a wider audience at Trantor.

Each campaign that you run will be featured on our platform through a variety of ways. Additionally, leverage the resources of our partnered projects to help you launch an exhibition to educate users and/or co-design elements to strengthen your project’s mission. This will help boost your project’s visibility and increase the possibility of new users engaging with your project.

💾 Utilize Data to Drive Change

After running these campaigns, you’ll be able to identify real active users in your community and analyze the effectiveness of running the campaign. This will go a long way in helping you to tweak your strategy moving forward and perhaps, experiment with different campaign settings on our platform to help you achieve better results.

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