๐Ÿ’ฏAccumulate XP to Level Up Your Card

Once you mint the card, you will be directed to the Membership landing page. On the very top of the page, you will see your card on the left and your personal platform data on the right, the data includes your total XP, your membership level, how many XP are required to level up.

Click "More XP" button to find out ways to quickly accumulate XP so that you can level up your membership faster. Click the " Rules" button for more details.

Scroll down the page, you will see 3 tabs <Level Incentive>, <Daily Rewards> and <Raffle Season>. Click each tab to access the individual reward program we designed for the cardholders.

Click the <Level Incentive> tab. Right beneath the tab, you will see all your cards unlocked so far. The very last card unlocked with the highest membership level will always be displayed on the top of this landing page.

Note: Trantorโ€™s membership features five unique designs: Bronze Phoenix, Blue Aquarius, Jade Cygnus, Purple Perseus and Golden Leo. You will unlock each design once your membership level reaches the required threshold.

Scroll down the page, you will see <XP Fast Lane> sector, a few options available here for you to accumulate XP faster. Click each panel to access to individual option.

You can invite friends to get XP. The more friends you have invited, the more XP you will be rewarded. Do note that you will only get XP after your friend mints the card.

If you ever participated in Carnival events on our platform, you should have received the exclusive Stardrop badges.You can exchange your badges for more XP.

Lastly, we will also offer an option for users to purchase XP pack directly with USD later in phase 2.

Scroll further down the page, you will see the <Featured Quests> sector. From here you can accumulate more XP by doing quests set up by projects & communities. Simply click the " Get Started" button and follow the instructions to complete all the quests to get your XP.

Located at the bottom of the page is the "Extra Bonus" section. In this section, extra bonus will be unlocked automatically once your membership card level reaches the required threshold. The rewards include whitelisting opportunities for NFT & customised gifts,metaverse virtual assets, TOR token and many more.

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