🎖️Join a Campaign

A) Discovery

You can currently explore Trantor in 2 different ways.


At the top left corner, you'll be able to search and explore ongoing and past campaigns under the <Campaign> tab.

The figures ( e.g. 4/4) on the top right corner of each campaign represents :Total nos. of quests you completed / Total nos. of quests included in this campaign. The status of your campaigns can be differentiated by the colours of these figures i.e. Green = Completed; Yellow=Ongoing; Red=Incomplete.


You'll also be able to search and explore current communities under the <Community> tab.

Click on any community and you'll be able to view present and past campaigns held by the community!


All exciting cross-project collaborations and events will be held in the <Arcade> section, where we'll be giving away huge prize pools to active users and participants.i

Click on the <Carnival> section to access active and ongoing carnival!

On this page, you'll not only be able to win attractive prizes.

You'll also be able to learn more about other projects and communities!

It's the best way to learn and earn!

B) Quest Types

Firstly, select a campaign you're interested in joining.

Next, you'll be able to view important details of the campaign including the contract address, description and duration of the campaign. The number of rewards to be issued out would also be included in the description.

You'll also be able to view the list of quests you'll have to fulfil to be eligible to claim rewards.

Let's do a walkthrough on how to complete the quests.

1) Twitter Follow

For this example, we'll be clicking on the "Follow Our Twitter - Azuki" quest.

You'll be given the option to <Bind> your Twitter account if you have not done so.

If you have already linked your Twitter account, you will see the <Follow> option appears. Click on <Follow> and a window will pop-up bringing you to the project's Twitter Page, which in this case is Azuki's page.

Click on the <Follow> button as shown below.

Once done, you have successfully followed the project. Next, go ahead and click on <Verify>.

A window should pop-up showing the words <Success>.

2) Twitter Retweet

Once you have successfully linked your Twitter account, you'll be able to click on the <Retweet> option.

A window pops-up requesting you to <Retweet> the tweet. Click on <Retweet>.

Once done, click on the <Verify> button.

A window should pop-up showing the words <Success>.

3) NFT and Token Holder

Next, for the holder's task, you would have to be a holder to participate in this task. Simply click on the <Verify> button and our system will verify if you do hold NFTs or Tokens belonging to the contract's address.

A window should pop-up showing the words <Success> if you meet the criteria.

4) Joining Discord

This is similar to the Twitter example above. Click on <Join> and a window pops-up requesting you to join the project's discord server. Once you have joined the server, click on the <Verify> button and you are done!

Do note that some discord channels may require you to complete verification, as show below.

Additionally, you would have to set a profile picture in Discord for us to verify that you are an authentic user.

5) Joining Telegram Channel

Select the <Join> option.

A window will pop-up requesting you to join the Telegram group.

Once you have done so, click on the <Verify> option.

6) Visit Website

Click on the website button.

You will be redirectd to the corresponding website, then come back and click on <Verify> button to complete the quest.

7) Q&A

Click on <Submit> button.

Answer the question shown on the pop-up window, then click "Submit" button to complete the quest.

8) Customized Quest

For customized quest types, you would have to complete this quest according to the details and rules shared by the project or community. They will select the qualified addresses and upload it onto our servers at the end of the campaign. If your address is qualified, all you have to do is click on the <Verify> button.

C) Claim Reward

Once you have completed all quest for the campaign, you'll be eligible to claim the rewards after the campaign has ended. Be sure to read the campaign details carefully and not miss out on the claim period for your rewards.

Congratulations! You can now view the rewards you have collected under <My Reward>.

Note that some rewards may be in the form of:

1) SBT

2) BUSD or USDT tokens

Rewards may also be given out in these formats:

1) WSL (While Stock Lasts) - Grab yours first to receive it!

2) Raffle - Winners are drawn randomly

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