🎫Join a MVB

"MVB" stands for Most Valuable Builder. MVB portal is where you build long term engagement with top communities and earn rewards.

You can access "MVB" portal by clicking "MVB" tab from the header of landing page, then click any community or ecosystem you are interested to enter.

Or you can click "Community" tab from the header of landing page first.

Then click any community as you wish, if this community has already launched MVB, you can enter it by clicking " MVB Portal" button located under the community logo &description.

After you enter the MVB portal, you will find numerous quest "blocks" aligned at the bottom part of the page.

The following information are shown on the block:

  1. Quest Title

  2. Quest Number

  3. Total times you have successfully completed this quest. Each quest under MVB module is assigned with a frequency( i.e. Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly), this means you can do these quests in a repetitive manner based on their frequencies. Refer <Recurrence Filter> section for more details.

  4. Quest Status You will see a "Locker" icon on the quest "block" due to one of the following reasons:

  • The quest is locked as you have completed it under the current cycle, it will be unlocked in the next cycle so that you can do it again.

  • The quest is assigned with a condition, you need to either complete another quest first or accumulate a min. amount of XP before it is unlocked.

  • This quest is currently under review and will be unlocked after the review is completed.

Note: If a quest's frequency is set as "Once", this quest will be permanently "locked" after users have completed it. A "DONE" icon will pop up.

  1. Quest "XP" Each quest is pre-assigned with a fixed amout of 'XP" based on its difficulty level. Refer<XP System> section for more details.

  2. Quest Frequency Refer point 2. above and <Recurrence Filter> section for details.

Click a quest "block", a pop-up window will appear, simply follow the instruction to complete the quest which is pretty intuitive.

The more quests you complete, the more XP you receive which will be recorded in the leaderboard( Note: The community will recognise loyal users based on their rankings in the leaderboard).

Click "Leaderboard" tab to enter:

You can find ranking, wallet address and total "XP" of all participants, your information is listed at the very top of the leaderboard. Refer <Leaderboard> section for more details.


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