Community Creation

Learn how to create a community on Trantor!

Under <My Community> select <+ Create Community>.


Upload the logo of your community (Recommended to be a PNG file with solid color background).

2) Name

Fill in the name of your community.

3) Community Background

Upload a banner for the background of your community page.

Recommended size: 1440 x 300, < 10MB

4) Description

Give a short description of what your community is about.

Recommended 1-2 short sentences.

5) Administrator's Address

Your wallet's address will be auto-filled in this space. Space's name

Recommended to insert the name of your space here.

7) Social Media

Please include the following links of your project:

<Official Website>




Once you have completed the form, be sure to click on the add button at the bottom right corner.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your community!

Checkout the <User Guide> to find out how you can set-up <Reward> and <Quest> to run <Campaign>.

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