🎉 Carnival FAQ

1) What is Trantor?

A Unified #Web3 Portal Promoting Interconnectivity among communities and brands through Empowered Decentralized Identities

To access Trantor:

Join the following link and connect your wallet!


2) I see an ongoing Carnival event. What is it?

The Trantor BNB Chain Carnival celebrates the launch of Trantor together with our first batch of ecosystem of partners. Join the Carnival and complete as many quests as you can to receive more entries. To receive more entries, just refer more friends to join!

Campaign duration: Sep 27, 5pm - Oct 5, 5pm (GMT+8)

SBT Claim Time: Oct 6, 5pm - Oct 8, 5pm (GMT+8) First come first served (FCFS)

Cash & NFT Delivery Time: Oct 9 - Oct 12

3) Why should I participate?

You get to learn about other projects, earn yourself some Soulbound Tokens, and win yourself some amazing cash and NFT prizes!

Well here are the prize rewards:

💰 Main Cash Prize Pool

🏆 Project Sponsors/Prizes

4) How do I participate in this Carnival?

First, you'll have to bind your social media and update your settings.

Next, you'll have to click on the <Arcade> tab as shown below.

Click on <Carnival>.

Be sure to read the Carnival rules carefully.

5) How do I complete Campaigns?

When you scroll down on the Carnival page, you'll find a long list of campaigns that you'll be able to participate in. To get started:

a. Click <Get Started> on any of the campaigns (e.g. StarryNift x Ready Player Me Campaign)

b. You will now see a list of quests to be completed. Check out the full remaining guide here.

6) How do I refer friends?

Referrals are simple. Just share your referral link to your friends and you'll get extra entries just for this Carnival for each friend that completes the process of binding their wallet address, Twitter and Discord.

The inviter gets 1 Entry, and the invited valid user gets 2 Entries.

7) Why can I not verify some of the quests after completing them?

You'll notice that some of the quests have indicated "Admin will update verified users when the campaign ends", such as the one below:

Once you have completed the quest, your address will be recorded and uploaded into our backend system! You will be able to verify your completion after the campaign ends!

Not sure what to do for some quests? Be sure to click on the <Read more...> option to expand and read the description of the individual campaigns.

8) Why can I not verify my Discord after joining?

Be sure to set a display picture in your Discord account.

If you are still unable to verify, there might be too many users verifying their Discord at the same time. Please try again later, in a few minutes time.

9) I have a .bnb space id domain. How do I receive the Space ID suit?

If you have a space.id domain, complete the following steps to receive your suit in Starryverse.

a. Please go to space.id and ensure that you have added your primary domain.

b. Ensure that you have added BNB address.

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