💳Mint Card

Login Trantor with your wallet. Click "Membership" Tab from the header to access the mint page.

On the mint page, you will see some stats of our platform and generic descriptions of the benefits of being cardholders.

Click the "Mint Now" button to proceed to the next step.

Complete 4 simple quests, then click the " Mint Now" button to proceed to the final step.

Your card is here! You can now share your joyfulness to twitter by clicking the "Share to Twitter" button below. BTW, you will receive 5 XP incentive points by doing so.

Note: if you click the "Detail" button without minting a card, you will be directed to the Membership landing page.But you won't be able to see your personal platform data as elaborated in chapter below.

You can click the "Mint Now" button to mint card from this page as well.

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