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Checkout all the frequently asked questions here!

1) What is Trantor?

Trantor is a Unified Web3 portal with the purpose of empowering decentralized identities (DIDs). Projects/Communities will be able to launch their own campaigns while consumers will be able to participate in quests and activities to develop their DIDs on the blockchain.

2) Is Trantor free to use?

Trantor is absolutely free to use for both consumers and businesses.

3) How do I connect my social media to my account?

You can currently connect your Twitter and Discord profiles to your account.

Please checkout the following guide: <Account>

4) How do I launch a campaign?

You would have to first submit a registration form. We will revert to you when we have granted you access to set-up your community.

After creating a community, you will be able to launch your campaign.

Checkout the following guide: <Community>

5) How do I receive Soulbound tokens?

You can do so by joining a campaign and completing quests!

Head over to the <Campaign> tab for more details!

If you are looking for a specific campaign, you can use the โ€œSearchโ€ function. You can also browse through campaigns that interest you.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a campaign from a specific community, you can head over to the <Community> tab and use the โ€œSearchโ€ function to find that community. Click on it and youโ€™ll be able to access the campaigns that are launched by the specific community.

6) I have accidentally launched my campaign but I would like to make an edit to the quest list. What should I do?

You should first select on the campaign and click on the <Update> button.

You would then be able to make amendments to the specific quest.

7) How can I stay up-to-date on the latest developments?

Do follow and join us here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrantorDAO

Discord: http://discord.gg/ANTMyu8kMw

Mirror: https://mirror.xyz/0x581b230d20892f474Dae8eBe2D8A6bCC2FC01971/

8) How do I upload off-chain data for quests?

Once the list of addresses have been selected, you can upload these data in a CSV file onto our platform.

Checkout <Off-Chain Quest> for a detailed guide.

9) Why can't I access Trantor with my Metamask wallet on Mobile?

The Trantor.xyz platform does not support Mobile Metamask wallet with a version older than 5.5.0. Kindly upate your version to access Trantor on mobile.

10) Why did I encounter with Verification Failed?

When you join the Sign in project website with your wallet task, sometimes you may encounter with verification failed issue. This can be caused by

1) You are using two different wallets connected in Trantor and project website, please make sure you use the same wallet of Trantor to do the sign in task.

2) You didn't stay more than 1 minute in the project website. It takes at least 1 minute stay for you to get verified for the task.

11๏ผ‰How do I get a Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token?

You will be able to mint a BAB token on the Binance App.

  1. On the home screen of the App, click on <More>.

2. Next, Click on <BABT>.

3. Click on the <Get BAB Token> button. You would have to connect your wallet and <sign> in this step.

Congratulations! You have received your BAB tokens!

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