🔮 Future of Trantor

We envision Trantor to be an all-in-one super application that will pave the way for Web2 users to join the Web3 army and revolutionize the way people access Web3. Community leaders will be able to access templates and customize their own campaigns, while also providing users with easy access to their profile on Trantor through API.

Users will be able to access all Web3 projects and store important credentials on their profile, be it in education, finance, past working experiences, gaming, interests etc.

Just imagine this:

With Trantor, you’ll be given the option to login and/or create accounts to access Web2 or Web3 applications that we have partnered with. Any platform can easily access information that you wish to reveal to the public on your profile.

And the best part of all this? You own your own data and you can choose to use it however you deem fit, be it to monetize them, apply for jobs, participate in events and much more! With Trantor, there are just endless possibilities on maximizing your data.

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