On-Chain Quest

On-chain quest utilizes on-chain data to detect if participants meets the requirements for the quest.

1) Title

This is the title of your quest.

We recommend this to be a short but clear title that describes the tasks. For e.g. Follow Discord Follow Twitter; Retweet pinned Tweet etc.

2) Type of data

On the drop-down menu, select <On-chain data>.

3) Contract address

Insert the contract address of which the NFTs and Tokens are issued from and can be verified by our API.

Please note that this should be a contract address and not a wallet address.

4) Min. number of NFTs and Tokens Held

The minimum number of NFTs that participants are required to hold to be able to fulfil this quest requirement.

On-chain quest can be used to verify that those who participated in the <Quest> are indeed holders of your project's NFT.

Note: We have included one more "Other Contract" on-chain quest. Find out more details under <New Quest Types> section.

5) Network

We currently support <Quest> on only multiple EVM chains(e.g. BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum etc.) and Sui network. Select each on-chian quest, then find out what are the chains available from "Network" dropdown list.


Remember to click the <Save> button after you have filled in all the quest details.

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