Off-Chain Quest

Off-chain quest utilizes off-chain data to detect if participants meets the requirements for the quest.

1) Title

This is the title of your quest.

We recommend this to be a short but clear title that describes the tasks. For e.g. Follow Discord Follow Twitter; Retweet pinned Tweet etc.

2) Type of data

On the drop-down menu, select <Off-chain data>.

In this next section, you'll be able to select the type of Quest:






3) Action

You'll be able to select from two available options: <Follow> or <Retweet>

If you have selected the <Follow> option, you would be required to input your Twitter username below.


If you have selected the <Retweet> option, you would be required to input the Twitter link that participants are required to retweet to complete the quest.

Please take note that the link has to be a valid Twitter link starting with username / status / Tweet ID. Example:


3) Action

Only the <Join Server> option is available.

This is where you insert your discord channel link.

The discord channel link should start with / Invite ID. For example:


3) Action

Only the <Join Telegram Channel> option is available.

This is where you insert your Telegram link!


This option allow you to customize your quest in any way you wish to and select the winners on your side.

⚠️ Please take note that Off-Chain Quest that requires submission of CSV files for list of winning addresses CANNOT BE RECYCLED. If you would like to run the same or similar Quest(s), you would have to create a new Quest.

3) Action

Only the <Form Submit> option is available.

4) Upload Qualified List (can be updated later)

You can submit the wallet addresses of participants who fulfilled the quest criteria in this section.

Once you have selected and shortlisted the winners, upload the CSV file with the winners address into the space below.

⚠️ Please take note that the uploaded address must follow the address format. The system will reject files that do not adhere to the address format.

Note: We have included several new off-chain quests. Find our more details in <New Quest Types> section.


Remember to click the <Save> button after you have filled in all the quest details.

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