🌠 Astral Stardrops

Exclusive Stardrops for true loyal Trantians

Have you been actively participating in our Carnivals recently?

We're proud to announce the launch of a special collection of NFT badges (also known as Astral Stardrops).

What are Astral Stardrops? ⭐

Astral Stardrops are unique NFT badges that are only claimable exclusive to Trantians who have been actively participating in our Carnivals.

Well you must be thinking, how are Astral Stardrops unique? They are limited based on the number of people who have participated in a specific carnival.

For example, over 10,000 people participated in our BNB Ecosystem Carnival. Hence, only these people will be able to claim the unique Astral Stardrop. New Trantians will not be able to claim this exclusive BNB Ecosystem Carnival Astral Stardrop and will only be able to claim Astral Stardrops from other carnivals if they have participated in them.

It's a secret as to what this Astral Stardrops will be worth or valued at.. 🤫

However, this Astral Stardrop may perhaps have something to do with the Trantor Citizenship Pass that we will be issuing in the future.. Wait.. did we just mention Citizenship!!?? 😱

To receive this Astral Stardrop, you would have to come onto the Trantor Platform and claim it from our Astral Stardrops page. Come grab yours today!


  1. Multiple Astral Stardrops with different variations will be available to claim, based on the Carnival(s) you have participated in.

  2. These Astral Stardrops can be traded on secondary market places.

  3. If you have obtain at least a single entry by completing quest(s) in any specific Carnival, you will be eligible to claim the unique Astral Stardrop for that Carnival.

  4. This NFT badge is free to mint on Binance Smart Chain (you would only have to pay for gas fees).

  5. Each account will only be able to claim 1 unique Astral Stardrop per Carnival.

Currently Available Stardrops

  1. BNB Chain Ecosystem Carnival

  2. MoleDAO Carnival

  3. Halloween Carnival

  4. BNB Chain Ecosystem Carnival II

  5. Binance Labs Carnival

  6. BitMart's Metaverse Party

  7. Bit family Carnival

  8. Sui Community Carnival

  9. BNB Metaverse Alliance Carnival

More Carnivals coming your way...

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